About Us

Sydney By Seaplane (www.sydneybyseaplane.com) and SeaWing Airways are trading names of Krug Agencies Pty Ltd ABN: 18000066606 and we are proud of being in business since 1996. We hold commercial Air Operator’s Certificate #S541688 issued by the federal regulator, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

SeaWing Airways has been in continuous Commercial operation since 1996.

Sydney By Seaplane / SeaWing Airways Chief Pilot:

Steve Krug is your Captain on every flight. We do not employ other pilots. This gives us the certainty that we need to ensure that our aircraft is operated to the highest standards at all times.

Experience: Steve Krug has been flying continuously since 1974 and commenced water flying in 1985. He has logged more than 22,500 flying hours in total, and of that, approx 19,500 hours have been in command of flying boats and float planes. During Steve’s exceptional flying career he has conducted over 40,000 water landings /take-offs.

Sydney By Seaplane / SeaWing Airways Aircraft:

The magnificent De Havilland Beaver seaplane is amphibious meaning we can land and take-off on water as well as at normal airports.

Sydney seaplane can legally carry up to 7 persons, however we are weight-limited, so 4 to 6 passengers is more common.

Our beautiful seaplane has bubble windows and comfortable, clean leather interior. The cabin is light and airy with an extension of the cabin area which provides additional windows behind the rear seating area, providing even more light and space to enhance your flight experience.

At the end of each day of operation we fly to Bankstown Airport where we lower the undercarriage to land on the runway – then at our maintenance base, we spend 2 hours washing off the salt and giving her a thorough spruce-up in readiness for the next days’ flying.


Sydney Seaplane’s Safety Record:

The deHavilland Beaver amphibious seaplane is meticulously maintained and has constantly been upgraded to offer comfort while experiencing our unique flights.

We take pride in our high standards of service and our safety and compliance record over 20 years of operation. Our experience and attention to detail will be evident when you choose to fly with Sydney Seaplane.

Steve and Jenny look forward to welcoming you on board their beautiful deHavilland Beaver amphibian.